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varicose veinsvaricose veins

Most patients with primary varicose veins have no local symptoms in the early stage, and the following clinical manifestations may appear gradually.

1. Affected limbs often feel sore, heavy, distended, easy to fatigue, and weak.

2. The superficial veins of the affected limb are bulged, dilated, tortuous, or even tortuous or lumpy, which is more obvious when standing.

3. Swelling: Slight edema may occur in the ankle and dorsum of the foot, and in severe cases, there may also be mild edema in the lower leg.

Treatments in modern

Generally speaking, varicose veins are not life-threatening and do not require any treatment.

However, in severe cases, the blood is squeezed out of the blood vessels, causing inflammation. Long-term inflammation can cause the muscles to harden, fibrosis, ulcerate and turn black.

When your feet are itchy, sore, eczema, red and swollen, you may need to see a doctor.

1. Surgery for varicose veins

For severe varicose veins and valve dysfunction, removing  the problem veins from the body by surgery. But this treatment option is limited to superficial varicose veins.

If the problem comes from the perforated vein, an endoscope is to tie the fascia of the perforated vein to prevent blood from entering and exiting the perforated vein, and the problem will be solved.

2. Sclerotherapy for varicose veins

Injecting a sclerosing fluid into the varicose veins to shrink and narrow the veins is limited to treating varicose veins below the knee.

3. Pressure therapy for varicose veins

For deep varicose veins, elastic bandages can be used to wrap the lower limbs to pressurize the veins, prevent local hypertension, and promote blood flow.

pressure for varicose veins
pressure for varicose veins

4. Drug therapy for varicose veins

A professional drug that reaches the venous blood vessels through normal circulation through oral drugs. The characteristic of these drugs is that their targeted absorption organs are venous blood vessels.

Treatments in traditional Chinese therapies

1. Causes

1. Varicose veins is caused by the lack of congenital endowment, weak muscles and veins, and prolonged walking and standing for a long time.

Symptoms may have excessive fatigue, further damage to the muscles and veins resulting in the incompatibility of the meridians.

The poor circulation of qi and blood caused the blood stagnation. The blockage of blood, the expansion and filling of the veins, and the staggered over time. Over time it looks like a tumor.

There also caused by wading in water and rain, suffering from cold and dampness, cold blood coagulation, and stasis of tendons and collateral after long journeys and fatigue.

If the silt persists for a long time, it will metamorphose into damp heat, flow into the meridians of the lower extremities, and be induced by scratching, insect bites, etc..

And it will rot into sores which will be difficult to conver over time.

2. Liver governs tendons, and varicose veins often manifest as tendons protruding,twisting and discoloring.

Anger hurts the liver, which will lead to stagnation of liver qi. If it was over time, blue veins would form, hard and purple, and varicose like autumn shadows.

It doesn’t hurt when you’re happy, it hurts when you’re angry. Governance needs to soothe the liver and relieve depression.

3. Blue veins accumulate and form hard lumps. Due to congestion, phlegm-dampness, heat toxin, etc., they cannot be excreted in time, accumulate in the body, and gradually develop on the body surface.

So removing blood stasis and detoxify. Soften hard lumps and dispel nodes are the standard treatment for this disease.

Treatments by traditional Chinese therapies

1. Moxibustion is the number 1 therapy for those symptoms

1) Qi stagnation and blood stasis,tendon spasm pain syndromes.

2) It also helps blood-dry tendon spasm acute pain due to contractual, hyperactivity of the liver due to yin deficiency.

3) Cold-dampness stagnation syndrome – The natural heat of warmwood can reach to the deep body to help dispel the cold dampness.

2. Acupuncture

When the physical body has strong enough qi can accept acupuncture. Borrowing the energy of strong viscera to help weak viscera, to coordinate and balance the energy of each viscera of the body to remove discomfort by acupuncture therapy.

3. Herbs and food therapy

Herbs and food therapy are auxiliary mediums to help the effects of moxibustion and acupuncture be lasting and effective.

Final words

Follow traditional Chinese regimen, varicose veins is a signal of an unbalance of the physical body. it should be care as early as soon as possible before it gets worse.

If you had doubt about varicose veins getting worse or not, book an appointment to let me help you find out.

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