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Skin moles appear during childhood, adolescence and adult. The most common moles are sometimes referred to as normal, they keep same size, same color, no itchy or sore.

The vast majority of moles are harmless. In rare cases they can develop into an aggressive type of skin cancer called malignant melanoma.

If you had black moles, blood nevus, or leukolapkia, then you should consider to check them regularly for changes in texture and appearance.

The various skin moles that grow and increase gradually on the surface of the body are the embodiment of the accumulation of waste in the body.

Toxins continue to circulate in the body, clogging meridians, clogging blood vessels, and manifesting on the body surface.

Black moles — a manifestation of blood stasis caused by stagnation of Qi

Skin mores - black moles
Skin moles – black moles on face

Black moles include age spots, chloasma, freckles, etc., they are more common on the back of the hands, face and body. These moles will grow slowly.

The accumulation of necrotic cells, the more the accumulation, then bigger black moles will be. The result of accumulation can block the meridians and blood vessels.

The formation of these spots is caused by blood stasis due to Qi stagnation in the body. The more dark spots in the elderly, the more prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. and the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also prone to black moles.

Skin moles: leukoplakia – a manifestation of visceral toxins

It is not vitiligo, the white spots are not as white as white paper, but slightly lighter than the surrounding skin.

The size of the spot can be as small as sesame seeds or as large as mung bean, mostly round or irregular in shape and different in size. It is more common on the arms and body.

Leukoplakia indicates the accumulation of visceral toxins, and is prone to tumors and cancer diseases. The whiter the leukoplakia, the more poisonous it is, and it is more common in cancer patients.

Skin moles:blood nevus – a manifestation of fatty /phlegm-damp stagnation

Skin moles - Blood vevus
Skin moles – blood nevus on chest

Blood moles are basically grown on the body, hands and legs. They look like blood blisters after an injection, a red spot, as big as a wolfberry.

Blood moles indicate accumulation of fatty, phlegm dampness, which is prone to fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, cholecystitis and other diseases.

Fatty liver, patients with chronic hepatitis, mainly grow in the chest and abdomen.

The more blood moles, the worse the metabolic function of the liver, the poor metabolism of fat, and it is easy to be too high in fat and high in cholesterol.

The appearance of black moles, white spots, and blood moles on the body does not necessarily mean that there is a heart and brain disease, tumor, or cancer.

This is a red light warning for health. When it develops to the limit of the individual’s immune system, which cannot continue to compete, and these diseases will happen.

Three diseases most harmful to the body include:

1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the biggest diseases that threaten the human body.
2. Tumors and cancers come second.
3. Liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and hepatitis are the third.

How do these types of skin moles formed?

1. Long term stress – Stress can cause qi stagnation, qi stagnation will lead to blood stasis.

2. Poor nutrition – lack of nutrition can cause all organ function lower, it will lead to fatty or dampness accumulation.

3. Poor sleeping – less sleeping keep the body consume lots of yang energy at night, then organ can not get maintenance at night time.

How to remove skin moles such as moles, leukoplakia, blood nevus:

1. Regular meridian detoxification, dredging blood vessels – five elements tea, moxibustion, diet.
2. Adequate sleep can keep people happy.
3. Give yourself a little solitude or meditation every day.

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