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Alternative therapy-discover a promising wellness path


Alternative therapy refer to non-conventional methods of treatment that are used alongside or instead of traditional medical approaches. Such examples are Chinese tea-wu xing tea therapy, wu xing bean powder as a food therapy, herbal bath, ect, which utilizes various herbs, tea, beans to promote inner energy balance to achieve healing and wellness.

Other alternative therapy such as energy balance by Chinese five music tone therapy, herbal patches, moxibustion from the infrared heat of the burning moxa stick, tuina works on the surface of the skin but soothing the blockage under the muscles, dry cupping to remove blood stasis or dampness by working on the surface skin.

The above of alternative therapy provide individuals with holistic alternatives for managing their health and well-being.

In the clinic, we offers a range of alternative therapies therapies designed to promote overall well-being and balance. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on holistic healing, we provide powerful and effective alternative therapies services for individuals who are seeking the benefits of these natural therapies.

alternative therapy-wu xing bean powder

Experience the power of alternative therapies at our clinic and embark on a journey towards enhanced health and vitality.


We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional natural and tailored health care therapies. Guiding you on your pathway to health. Whether it is Chinese tea, herbal diet, foot bath herbs remedies, herbal bath remedies, they are all tailor-made according to the individual’s constitutional or symptoms of the body.

Vision-alternative therapy

We wish that everyone will have a healthy phsical and mental condition just through a simple cup of tea, or Chinese five tone music, daily diet, life habit,ect. We are what we eat.

To cultivate and inspire integrated and natural alternative health care therapies that focuses on well being, education, prevention, and lifelong vitality.

When discomfort occurs in a certain part of the body or a certain relief from mental activity, the first and most obvious problem is that the personal energy field is out of balance.

By soothes distribute energy level of organs, then nourishing them in the meanwhile, the energy of physical body tends to be balanced, thereby being able to support normal emotional activities.

Following sickness organs need and target to achieve energy balance, let the natural system of the body run for the physical and mental health. Then we have a quality happy life in physical and mental.

Healing begins as you enter the door. Don’t hesitate to give me a call or book an appointment.

Alternative therapy-treatment room

These non-invasive therapies avoid to damage the physical body but healing and recover physically and mentally by the strengthen autoimmune system.

Alternative therapy have gained significant recognition as effective treatment options in recent years. These therapies offer an alternative approach to traditional medical interventions and have proven to be beneficial in enhancing overall well-being.

Incorporating methods such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, and mindfulness practices, alternative therapies provide individuals with a holistic approach to healing and improving their quality of life.

More introductions of alternative therapy individually

Herbs carries different function and characters as well as our physical body. These effective results will strengthen, healing our physical body and mentally not just drinking herbs tea but also through bathing even smelling.

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The best doctor is yourself. No one will know more than yourself including your physical and mental. Self-discipline is a key to be healthy.

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