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Frequent Ask Questions


Frequent Ask Questions

1. What services do you provide?

We provide Pulse consultation, Moxibsution, Acupuncture, Tuina massage, Guasha ( Scraping), Cupping, Chinese music therapy, Pulse balance by acup-point pen –  Good news for people who are afraid of needles and who are not suitable for acupuncture, pulse balance by wu-xing moxa / wu-xing tea / pulse balancing herbal drink.

We are tailored for different constitution with different therapies according to individual pulse consultation result.

Pulse consultation is a basic step before any treatment. A treatment follow only symtoms is only for redcue the current situatiation, and the symtoms will be occur later on.

Pulse consultation will show a root reason of the problmes, then treatment plans will be drafted for clients to choose.

2. What moxibustion?

Moxibustion is one of Chinese traditional therapies. It has been used to treatment different symptoms and disease more than a thousand year. Since it is safe, fast and reliable helping different symptoms and diseases.

Shirley, the owner of the website, she was saved by moxibusition in her only several months old age in a high fever situtaiton.

Moxibustion is not just a therapy improving immunity, helping healing but also it is a common way to expand life in China.

More information, please click HERE to read.

3. How much do you charge per visit?

In the booking page, the details of different therapy is listed down there. Please click HERE to find out.

4. What is moxibustion good for?

The main function and benefit of moxibustion are warming meridians, breaking stagnation and blockage.

Symptoms and diseases are caused by cold and dampness will be the first choose to use moxibustion therapy.

Please click HERE to read more about moxibustion therapy.

5. Does moxibustion actually work?

We has been starting these services since 2021. In these 2 years, we have many coming clients by words from the mouth. Moxibustion is one of the most common therapies to help those clients.

Please book an appointment to meet Shirley. She will draft an affordable treatment plan.

She is open mind, easy going and knowledgeable about what she does. You will help you to find a solution according to your situation.

6. How long is for a moxibustion treatment?

For chronic situation, it will take 60 minutes. For maintenance or light symptoms, it is about 45 minutes.

7. When should I try moxibustion?

Moxibustion is acceptable and friendly in all seasons. Except people are with those symptoms extreme hot due to yin deficiency, drunk, extreme tired, etc, they are not suitable.

8. What is difference between moxibustion  and acupuncture?

They are single therapy, they can be used to treat diseases or symptoms separately or combination.

Acupuncture will stimulate the acupoints to relieve symptoms. It is a method with consumption bigger than replenishment. And acupuncture relies on strong organs function base to adjust the unbalance.

Therefore, weak people occurs dizziness after or in the treatment of acupuncture. Also when a person got a blockage due to damp cold accumulation, acupuncture will be less help.

Moxibustion is suitable for modern people since the cold food are popular in modern diet. Most of diseases or symptoms are caused by cold blockage or qi stagnation.

Heat from the moxa will replenish yang energy into the body to help unblocking stagnation.

Generally speaking, before acupuncture or moxibustion therapy, a pulse consulation will be implemented.

9. How often should I do moxibustion?

The practitioner will tell you after knowing about your situation by your pulse consultation result. Some are suitable to come everyday in 45 minutes, some are suitable to come every 2-3 days in 60 minutes.

10. Is dangers moxibustion?

Not dangerous, and the clients will not get burned. Since the practitioner will be the one holding the moxa stick and clean up the ash through the whole time.

The practitioner will not just put on a moxa box on the client then leave the room.

11. Can I do moxibustion at home by myself?

Yes, you can. You need to get a short training for safety and basic knowledge. Each training will be according to your certain time pulse consultation result.

Because the acupoints will be different follow the pulse consultation result after a certain time.

12. Do I need to pay for a moxibustion training doing at home by myself? how much?

It will charge by minutes. Usually training about 5-10 minutes, Please Book an appointment to talk with Shirley in person.

13. What is Gua Sha – scraping?

It is one of Chinese traditional therapies. It is popular method in folk. Scraping along the skin to release external coldness just attack the skin,  helping yang energy rises up.

Please click HERE to read more about scraping – Gua sha.

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