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4 types of hypertension curable in the modern

From the perspective of traditional Chinese therapies, hypertension is only a symptom. And there are many causes behind it, such as blood stasis, phlegm-damp resistance, and liver-yang hyperactivity causes by kidney yin deficiency.

Conditioning the constitution according to the cause, high blood pressure will naturally be good.

It’s not just depends on professional and skill level of a traditional Chinese therapies practitioner, but also the patients’ attitude of changing bad diet and life style in their minds.

Let’s find out what kind of people get caught by high blood pressure. 

Causes of high blood pressure

When you were told or found out that your blood pressure was high, didn’t you find out why the blood pressure was high?

1. Hypertension causes by hyperactivity of  liver yang is the most common type of syndrome

Such people are prone to tantrums, blushing, and dizziness, also experience tinnitus, poor sleep, bad memory, bad breath, and a very bitter and dry mouth.

Because the blood heat rushing to the brain, hot feeling upper body and cold feeling lower body is an usual symptom.

it is called floating liver yang due to kidney yang deficiency. Because kidney yang is not strong enough to keep all yang energy balance in the body.

So liver yang can’t be on enough in the day and cant be off at night. Just like the switch is broken.

Therefore, there is not enough energy in the day time and also cold feeling for the lower limbs.

In the night time, there is too much heat causing hot flush over the head, then bring blood go up the head cause blood pressure go up.

To solve this issue, it needs enough kidney Yang energy to control the switch.

When the Yang energy movement is normal, the blood pressure also will be normal. It is called strengthen kidney yang to subdue liver yang to regulate blood pressure.

Solution of therapies

Acupuncture and herbal tea are usually both implement for those symptoms to subdue hyperactive liver yang. If people scare of acupuncture needle, herbs only is also helpful for daily maintenance.

2. Hypertension causes by yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity

Yin deficiency is the deficiency of essence, blood or body fluids. Yin deficiency leads to hyperactivity of yang qi, and hyperactivity of yang can also deplete yin fluid.

People with yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity get angry easily.

They usually like to eat cold things such as cold drink, ice cream. Prefer raw vegetables salad, intake too much fruits, etc, all of them are cold for the stomach.

However, the above things only cool down the heat for a while but they cannot quench the thirst.

As a result, those food and drink causes dampness and greasy for spleen and stomach then low down their functions. It leads deficiency and dampness are mixed together in the body, then causing dizziness and headache.

Solution of therapies

Mainly nourish yin by herbs then acupuncture help to strengthen yin.

3. Hypertension causes by phlegm dampness resistance

Phlegm-dampness is very similar to Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity.

It is caused by eating a lot of cold drinks, raw veggies and fruits, resulting in lower yang qi, then dampness couldn’t drain out on time and stay too long time in the body then turned to phlegm day after day.

Solution of therapies

Moxibustion is the best therapy for these symptoms to improve yang qi to help dissolving phlegm. Meanwhile intaking herbs will speed up the improvement.

4. Hypertension causes by blood stasis

People with blood stasis constitution tend to have a greasy diet such as a lot of meat and greasy cream. And less exercising or no exercises.

The symptoms of this kind of high blood pressure are relatively red faces, the ends of the fingers are swollen, even the entire palm is very red, and some have petechiae which belong to the poor peripheral blood circulation function.

Solution of therapies

Either Moxibustion, Acupuncture and herbs promote and improve blood circulation.

Final words

In the modern, more and more diseases names emerged according to different type of symptoms. We have plenty of techniques but we are lack of correct ideas.

The body of human being body is a system as the universe. We do not understand the rules of universe and nature, we will not know how is the physical body operating and how to maintenance.

The meaning of your life

People are lazy to think, to self-reflect, to change but listen up and believe a short cut to solve problems by one magic pill easily.

They believe that no need to change the existing bad diet, bad lifestyle or wrong exercise methods. Because they believe one pill can solve all problems once and for all.

The final result was that it started with high blood pressure, followed by diabetes, low back pain, frequent urination, stroke, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, kidney disease, depression, anxiety, autism,etc. There are more than 5 or 6 diseases in one body.

Pill started from one type to more than 4 or 5 different pills. Then side-effects happened.

At this moment, do you doubt the meaning of your life? You come to this world just for taking those pills?

effect of hypertension

You are the only right doctor for yourself

Other practitioners or doctors are only assistants for your own health. They analysis information from your body then make a treatment plan, you are the only one to implement.

That means most key parts of the treatment plan are done by you because that is your body.

You are the master of your own body, listen and feel your own body then make a correct decision when it showed signals for a help.

You are the main leader rather than follower.

There is no miracle pills to heal disease. The only miracle is your own immune system. It needs your care and maintenance in a correct way.

Booking an Appointment in our home page. You will be very happy what services and knowledge you gain from us to keep healthy.

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