Sun. May 26th, 2024

Kind Words

Vickie W.
Shirley has helped me a great deal in improving my health. Being a Chinese from Hong Kong, I always trust TCM. Although I knew about moxa since I was a kid, I had never tried moxibustion before, until I met Shirley. I had encountered a medical issue in the past few years that none of my doctors and specialists could explain (or in their words “never heard of”). I had also tried cupping, Chinese massage and acupuncture. However, only after I started to have moxibustion and Shirley’s five elements tea and herbal teas, I have experienced a huge improvement. As a matter of fact, many of the herbal teas that Shirley prescribes are actually very traditional recipes from the ancient Chinese medical records since thousands of years ago, which are commonly accessible online or on hard copies. However, to feel the pulse, check the body condition and then apply the right recipe for the treatment is utmost crucial and Shirley is proved to be able to do so. And I was told today that the official name of the clinic of “One More Cup of Tea” is “SLB Traditional Chinese Therapies” and there are a lot of information under that page. I am going to leave the exact same review under that name so nobody should miss it. Thank you Shirley.
Sunray Heating Ltd General Manager: Sun Xiaofeng
This is a kind of miraculous therapy, which relieved my physical and mental pain; by chance, I met Ms. Liang from the Five Elements Health Hall in Nanaimo. The first course of treatment was with the attitude of giving it a try. The physical therapy based on moxibustion helped me eliminate the pain of long-term low back pain; after I insisted on finishing the second course of treatment, there were a lot of body fluids like impurities in my armpits, and my whole body became stronger and bigger. The most important thing is that my mood keeps getting better; after the third course of treatment, my whole body is extremely relaxed, which makes me really feel how happy it is to have normal body functions; I originally wanted to take several courses of treatment in a row, but because Due to business trips, I have to suspend; I am gratified to meet a magical traditional Chinese therapy, and I am even more happy to meet Ms. Liang’s traditional therapy; I hope that traditional Chinese therapy will drive away the pain of the people! May this magical traditional Chinese healing technique heal more people in the world!
Shawn P.
Great tea! I feel like a new human today. Thank you very much for my heart still beating.
Edwin B.
One More Cup Of Tea and Shirley helped me so much with my skin condition. I would recommend her highly.
Shirley helped me with my health issues and is a very knowledgable and caring human being. Her services and products are fantastic!
Aki M.
I’m amazed by her knowledge. I’m suffering from headaches over 20 years. Any pain killers didn’t work and I tired many different things but nothing didn’t really work. I had ” moxa” treatments and her advice are really helpful. I’m highly recommend her.
Lorn B.
My opinion is that the teas available at this store are the best natural medicine available in BC. I was amazed at the age of 75 how energized I felt after using Shirley’s teas.
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