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Nodules or lumps away from you by 5 effective daily ways.

1. Foreword

Among the clients who have come to recuperate their bodies recently, many of them have nodules of different sizes on different parts of their bodies. They were male and female, aged from 25-87.

They have one thing in common, they have encountered many stress in life. It can be seen that qi and blood stagnation is a common symptom nowadays.

They all asked me the same question: “How do you deal with your stress?” I gave them the same answer. The answer is at the end of the article. Don’t rush to see the answer, please calm down and read to know how the nodules or lumps in the body are formed.

The nodules that grow in the body are initially just a tangible lump called phlegm dampness. Before it develops into cancer, there is no abnormality in modern instrument inspection, and the report shows that it is normal. But these nodules hinder the normal operation of the body’s Qi and blood. Over time, these nodules develop into hard sputum nuclei, and if they continue to develop, they become cancer.

The most common thyroid nodules, breast nodules, and uterine fibroids are located where the liver meridian runs. There is only one cause of them, liver qi is not sparse, and each person’s disease location is different due to constitution.

2. Nodules or Lumps, fibroid formation process

The formation of lumps or nodules is inseparable from the liver function. The liver is an important organ in our body. In addition to its reserve function, it stores vitamins, fats, sugars and other energy and substances necessary for the physical body.

Another physiological function of the liver is controlling conveyance and dispersion. The liver qi is unblocked, and the whole body’s qi movement is also unimpeded, which can maintain the normal activities of viscera and meridians.

The physiological functions of catharsis are mainly manifested in six aspects: emotional changes, spleen and stomach transport and transform nutrients, menstruation, ejaculation, blood circulation, bile secretion and body fluid distribution.


1). Nodules or lumps cause by emotion changes

The liver regulates the human body’s spirit and emotions.The normal operation of the qi mechanism can ensure emotional comfort, cheerful mood, and peace of mind.

If the Liver Qi is stagnant or conveyance and dispersion are abnormal, there will be emotional changes such as depression, depression, or irascibility, irritability and irritability.

2). Nodules or lumps cause by spleen and stomach movement

The conveyance and dispersion function of the liver can regulate the ascending and descending of the spleen and stomach.

During the digestion process of the spleen and stomach, the function of the spleen to promote clearness and the stomach to reduce turbidity depends on the normal operation of the Qi mechanism to ensure the absorption of water and grain essence and the normal excretion of dregs.

If the liver fails to be conveyance and dispersion, the spleen and stomach will go up and down abnormally, causing nausea, vomiting, abdominal fullness, etc. In the abdomen or sternum, there is abdominal pain, or rib pain, or breast pain.

Long-term poor qi movement will reduce the function of the spleen. Spleen deficiency will lead to a decline in the ability to metabolize water.

The moisture that cannot be metabolized will gradually turn into phlegm dampness. At this time, people will feel swollen and weak in limbs.

3). Nodules or lumps causes by body fluid transportation and distribution

Liver Qi can regulate the transportation and distribution of body fluid through the driving action of the Qi mechanism.

The failure of the liver to dredge and drain can cause body fluid to accumulate and stagnate, and symptoms such as scrofula, sputum nucleus, edema and swelling will appear.

4). Nodules or lumps causes bile secretion

The conveyance and dispersion function of the liver can promote the normal secretion of bile, which is metabolized by the liver essence, and the dredging function of the liver can ensure the normal excretion of bile, which is used to maintain the digestive function.

If the liver fails in conveyance and dispersion, symptoms such as anorexia, abdominal distension, hypochondriac pain, jaundice, dry throat, and bitter mouth will appear.

5). Nodules or lumps causes blood running

Normal conveyance and dispersion function of liver can maintain normal blood circulation and regulate the operation of blood.

The failure of this function will lead to poor blood circulation, or blood leaving the menstruation, such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, metrorrhagia and other symptoms.

6). Nodules or lumps causes menstruation, ejaculation

The conveyance and dispersion function of liver can affect the closing function of kidney qi, regulate ejaculation and menstruation. Men’s ejaculation and women’s menstruation are closely related to the closing of kidney qi.

If the liver fails to be conveyance and dispersion, then the kidney qi is closed and stored and neglects its duties. There will be astringent and less essence, or nocturnal emission and slippery discharge for men. Women may experience symptoms such as less menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea or menorrhagia, and metrorrhagia.

Once the conveyance and dispersion function of the liver above-mentioned are failed, the body at this time has qi stagnation and phlegm dampness, which will appear in the parts where the liver meridian passes.

Depending on the physique of the individual, these lumps or nodules can appear on the penis, uterus, breast or thyroid.

The same feature of people over one hundred years old in the world is that they are very optimistic, their liver function is very good, they have no or few diseases and live a long life.

Summary: nourishing the liver is nourishing the life.

3. Nodules or lumps can avoid and expel by daily routing

1). In daily life, we should nourish the liver from the aspects of lifestyle, diet, and regular sleeping time. Keeping an optimistic personality and a good mood.

-Breakfast is very important! No alcohol, no cold food even cold drink, less greasy or spicy food, 70% full of each meal. Don’t eat dinner too late, no snack or soda drink after 7:30pm.

2). Use moxibustion therapy to remove blood stasis and dissipate stagnation.

Moxibustion can prevent early nodules from developing into cancer. At this time, moxibustion can quickly dissipate blood stasis and dissipate stagnation.

Moxibustion is also effective after cancer cells are formed, and it takes a little longer to dissolve them.

3). Regular drinking of Hsiao yao tea can promote Qi and relieve depression, and dispel depression with blood.

4). Pat the armpits, elbow joints, push and knead the inner and outer thighs, and pat the back of the knee joints for about 10 minutes daily.

5). Meditate for 10 minutes every day to clear negative by calming and relaxing, so as to ensure that you can fall asleep without any psychological burden.

4. Final words

You are the best doctor for yourself. These 5 ways look very simple but they are not easy implement.

You are always welcome to stop by our clinic for your questions or something you may not do by yourself such as Moxibustion, know about your own physique by a pulse consultation. It is very helpful for your daily life maintenance.

Our address and contact phone number is on the top of the webpage.

By the way, you may be interested in how those clients currently after moxibustion therapy treatment.

5. Feedback of some clients lately

1) An 80 years old lady

She lost 11 pounds but she got back her appetite, her complexion is no more pale, constipation is less.

She feels warm and can stand up straightly. she was curled up because she always felt cold before. She can turn around easier.

Less pain of the body, she felts painful everywhere of the body before. Lumps on her abdomen are softer. Since her tummy is very soft currently, then some nodules are easier to feel by gentle touch.

2) An 87 years old man

He can get up easier than before. His abdomen is smaller than before and less gas inside. He can lie on his tummy, no more abdomen pain.

Distension abdomen had been bother him more than 20 years. His breathing is better than before. He feels warm instead of trembling easily due to cold before.

His fingers numbness are less, warmer than before. No more uncontrolled drooling. His lump behinds the head is getting smaller. He fell down more than 20 years ago due to unbalance body.

3) A 45 years old man

His loose stool problem is solved. His distention abdomen problem is solved. He feels more energy, he was fatigue all the time before. Oily body has been changed to normal.

4) A 43 years old woman

25 years migraine had been bothering her. She has no more migraine onset lately. She feels warm than before.

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