To mitigate the risk of early menopause, it is important to implement certain lifestyle changes. These can include regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and consuming a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Additionally, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also help reduce the chances of early menopause.

Early menopause definition

Menopause like menstruation is a physiological process that every woman has to go through. Differences in physique, geographical environment, and genetics determine the differences in the menopause age of different women.

Women of different races have different menopause ages. For example, the average menopause age of European and American women is 52 years old, that of Asian women is 50 years old, and that of African women is 48 years old.

Geographical location also affects the menopause age of women. For example, the average menopause age of women in arid areas is earlier than that of women in warm and humid areas, and the average menopause age of women in high-altitude areas is earlier than that of women in low-altitude areas.

Health status also determines the difference in menopause age. For example, women with short stature, underweight, and malnourished menopause 3 to 4 years earlier than women with strong stature, rich nutrition, and moderate weight;

The time for human ovulation is limited. Generally, it starts from the year of menarche, and the ovarian ovulation function lasts about 30 years. Therefore, most women’s menopause starts at the age of 40. If menopause occurs before the age of 40, we call it early menopause.

In short, 95% of healthy women have their last menstruation between the ages of 40 and 56.

How to know if experiencing early menopause?

Women experience early menopause before the age of 40, which is closely related to factors such as malnutrition, sleeping problem, emotion, work pressure, or health condition, etc., which cause ovarian damage.

Ovarian function declines and the level of ovarian hormone secretion decreases. To maintain the ovaries, the first need to maintain an even emotion and try to avoid too much negative emotions.

Early menopause symptoms include: hot flashes, mood changes, depression and anxiety, vaginal problems and infections, irregular menstruation or bleeding, sleep problems, memory problems, urination problems, changes in sexual sensation, etc. These symptoms vary depending on the constitution.

Risk of early menopause

Any severe state of any symptom indicates that there is a problem with the function of the internal organs, which causes an imbalance of internal energy, thus creating these symptoms.

If menopause occurs early, it means that the ovaries are “aging prematurely”. The weakening of various body functions will not only accelerate aging, but also cause energy imbalance in the body, leading to various diseases such as uterine cancer, osteoporosis, depression, heart disease, etc., as well as other systemic diseases.Early menopause-Ovaries

Early menopause prevention or remedy

1. Maintain good living habits

Lifestyle should be regular. No smoking or drinking. No staying up late are the most basic, because only adequate sleep can guarantee health.

In terms of diet, more protein-rich foods, especially from soybeans or soy products, which are not only rich in protein, but also contain phytoestrogens. However, it should be noted that people with chronic kidney disease are not suitable for eating more soy products.

Eating more foods rich in vitamins, calcium and folic acid is also very helpful for the ovaries, such as carrots, citrus, whole grains, cereals, etc. It is recommended to have a gynecological examination every year. Ovarian diseases are insidious and have no special symptoms in the early stages.

Avoid early menopause-soybean

Foods that contain more estrogen can effectively promote ovarian health and prevent ovarian cancer. Women can eat appropriate amounts of cereals.

Natural remedies also help the internal organs function get back to be regular. Such as Wu Xing Tea. It looks simple but the ingredients are effective.

The formula in the tea is mainly aimed at maintaining internal organs, helping imbalanced body energy to be balanced, and helping internal organs restore their original functions regularly.

Early menopause-wu xing black tea color

3. Proper exercise every day

Avoid sitting for long periods of time and strengthen waist exercises. Twisting your waist, jogging, and taking calcium and vitamin D supplements can prevent back pain and prevent bone stiffness and loosening.

4. Moxibsution Therapy helps early menopause

Moxibustion is an alternative therapy with the old wisdom from China. It creates infrared heat can get deep inside of physical body, the infrared heat can store inside the meridians helping internal circulation, breaking blockage, increasing yang energy.

Summer moxibustion

Once the body warm up enough, blockage is broken, the internal circulation will be soothed. The function of organs will be restored because of the balance energy of whole body.

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