Weight gain

Weight gain in women can be influenced by various factors, and it’s important to note that individual experiences may vary. Here are five common concerns or reasons associated with weight gain in women:

Weight gain reason one – Spleen deficiency

Qi (life energy) is vital to maintaining the body’s functions. Qi deficiency may cause fatigue, lethargy, and indigestion.

Spleen deficiency is associated with metabolic imbalance and improper nutrient absorption. Deficiency of spleen and stomach can lead to weight gain or loss, edema, bleeding, visceral saggingincluding utus), chronic diarrhea, anal prolapse, etc.

One of functions the spleen qi is also responsible for transporting and transforming water and moisture of the body.

If the function of the spleen is damaged, water of the body cannot be metabolized normally then it will remain in the body, and turn to be phlegm, dampness leading to diseases, such as edema, obesity, ect.

Meanwhile, another function of the spleen is to transform food to be essence, blood and body fluids, then distribute them throughout the body to supply various needs of the human body and maintain normal life activities.

If spleen yang was weak, hematopoiesis would be insufficient. In view of the needs of female reproductive function, sufficient Qi and blood support is needed throughout life.

There are two reasons causes spleen deficiency: due to diet disorder, such as eating too much raw and cold food, cold drink; or due to excessive western drugs, which damage the spleen yang.

Weight gain reason two – Kidney yang deficiency

The kidneys play a vital role, insufficient kidney yang will cause metabolism to slow down.

There are some reasons cause insufficient kidney yang. For example, if spleen yang was chronically insufficient, kidney yang would keep to be depleted by supporting spleen yang.

Meanwhile when the spleen yang was insufficient, it would not be able to produce enough qi and blood to nourish the kidney yang properly, which will result less replishment for kidney yang.

This goes back and forth forming a vicious cycle to lead to kidney yang deficiency.

Improve kidney yang through changes in lifestyle, diet habits, moxibustion, herbs, acupuncture, etc.

Insufficient kidney yang can also cause decreased reproductive function, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and cold semen in men, and infertility in women due to uterine cold. Fertility is a function and characteristic unique to women.

Insufficient kidney yang can also cause water and liquid metabolism disorders, leading to symptoms such as edema, frequent urination, anuria, phlegem accumulation then lead to obesity.

The advancement of science and technology of modern life create a diet habit leading to the majority of modern females are coldness physique.

Diseases are specifically in leucorrhea, menstruation, leucorrhea, fetuses and fertility. Women are actually more prone to kidney yang deficiency, because women are in Yin constitution.

Therefore, once kidney yang deficiency then easy to cause yin and yang imbalance in women easier and common than in men.

Weight gain reason three – imbalance of yin and yang

An imbalance between yin and yang can disrupt the body’s harmony and lead to weight problems.

For example, too much Yin Qi (often associated with moisture) can hinder the body’s ability to metabolize fluids, leading to water retention and weight gain.

When yin and yang balance, health weight gain can be controlled. Otherwise, it is unwanted that underlying health conditions due to yin and yang imbalance leading to weight gain.

Weight gain reason four – Dampness Accumulation

Spleen and kidneys, these 2 organs are in charge moisture and fluid retention of the body.

When dampness accumulates, it can lead to weight gain, bloating, and sluggishness.

Dampness accumulation will easily lead to meridians blockage, not only the nutrition qi and blood can not move regularly on time, but also the blockage will lead to liver qi stagnation.

Weight gain reason five – Liver Qi Stagnation

The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi. When Qi becomes stagnant, it can lead to emotional stress, which may contribute to overeating or poor dietary choices.

Liver Qi stagnation is often linked to weight gain, especially around the abdomen.

And almost 100% of those people is with poor dispersing and dredging function of liver. The constitution of modern women is mostly cold physique and liver qi stagnation.

In addition, women are also prone to stasis because the accumulation of cold and liver qi stagnation result stasis. So when there is stasis, the disease is sever.

The common manifestations of stasis are: dark dull complexion, various stains, ecchymosis on the tongue, bruises under the tongue, menstrual blood clots and even metrorrhagia.

Common diseases in women: gynecological inflammation, such as vaginitis, adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

Inflammation can be caused by heat or dryness, or caused by cold.

Cold, liver stagnation, and accumulation of blood stasis for a long time will affect the heart and kidney, resulting in serious qi and blood deficiency.

At this time, there is phlegm-dampness grows bigger and stronger internal. It can be cured by replenishing qi and blood.

Phlegm-dampness will block qi movement and block the meridians. Phlegm-dampness is the most difficult to treat, because phlegm-dampness is like glue, which is difficult to eradicate. It is equivalent to oil polluting the sea and it is very difficult to clean up.

This requires long-term maintenance in daily diet and life style, regular moxibustion therapy. It is no cure possible in a short time.

Many people don’t pay much attention to this stage. They are unwilling to spend money and time on way of the diet and life style changing and physical body moxibustion therapy maintenance.

Over time, phlegm-dampness will combine with blood stasis, resulting in phlegm and blood stasis.

The diseases appear at this time are even more terrible: such as hyperplasia, polyps, cysts, fibroids, tumors and even cancer.

At this time, the kidney yang is greatly damaged, severely deficient. The heart blood is insufficient and the source of transformation is weak. And the weight is much over the standard level.

At this stage, the supplement can not be absorbed due to the blockage of meridian and qi movement servery.

Dredging is the solution at that monent. By dredging the meridians and regulating the qi mechanism, coldness, qi stagnation, phlegm-dampness and blood stasis can be gradually resolved.

The biochemical functions of the human body gradually return to normal, and life is preserved.

The prerequisite is that the vitality of the physical body is sufficient keeping alive until the day when the blockage is opened.

Otherwise the vitality of the body will be exhausted and the body will starve to death. This is also the main reason why tumor cancer is difficult to cure. It is upset to talk about the fact.

In the stage of phlegm-dampness just formed, coldness, qi stagnation and blood stasis haven’t accumulated to a state of complete integration.

The early stage of tumor is called sub-health state. In the sub-health stage, consciously feeling not well of the body but cannot tell the reason.

And the physical examination report is always normal. An red alert must be in the head at this moment.It is the most wise to start moxibustion therapy maintenance, diet and life style adjustment. Since timely maintenance of the physical body can avoid serious illness in the future.

Final words – a real case from moxibustion therapy treatment

One of my recent cases, an 81-year-old woman, was shivering in her winter clothes when she came to her first appointment one day in September.

She suffers from asthma, and her two kidneys loss the ability to produce hormones, causing her to be allergic on many foods and her body is very deficient in nutrients.

Therefore, she felt lethargic every day, slept more than 12 hours a day, afraid of the cold, and she had to wear winter clothes in summer.

She was overweight. Obesity is concentrated around and below the navel to the thighs.

Due to her constitution and age, she came for moxibustion treatment twice a week. Gradually, she found that she could put on some pants and dressing that she could not wear before. And she felt less cold and energetic enough and to get up early and go to church.

Her appetite also improved a lot and she could eat more food. She did not gain weight but continue to reduce.

The next summer, she can put on her beautiful summer clothes instead of winter clothes. Not only she able to fly to the United States for a pleasant 10-day holiday, but she also flew to Montreal to visit friends for a week. She also drove from BC to Manitoba to visit relatives.

She said that this was the first time she went out after being trapped at home for several years due to her illness. For two months throughout the summer, she was like a busy little bee, traveling alone to visit relatives and friends.

Traditional Chinese therapies are a holistic system, often taking an individualized approach based on an individual’s specific patterns and symptoms.

When addressing weight gain, moxibustion therapy approach it in a holistic manner and considering both physical and mental well-being.

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