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self-healingself-healing of balance

Principle of self-healing ability is restored with traditional Chinese therapies.

The magic weapon of traditional Chinese medicine is to restore the body’s self-healing ability by adjusting energy levels. The principle of treatment is to balance the body’s energy field.

By regulating the yin and yang (qi and blood) of the human body, dredging the meridians, regulating qi, and then providing appropriate supplements, the body’s self-healing ability can be repaired and restored to achieve the purpose of disease recovery.

Reasons of decline or stagnation in the human body’s self-healing ability

When Qi and blood are insufficient, Qi stagnation and blood stasis occur are popular. Qi movement is blocked causes meridians are blocked, or phlegm and dampness are blocked. Then the body’s self-healing ability will decline or even stagnate.

When it comes to the specific organs of the human body, it is that the heart and kidneys have lost their most basic connection, cooperation and communication.

Repair, restore, and improve one’s own self-healing ability

By dredging the meridians and regulating qi, the most basic connection, cooperation and communication between the heart and kidneys can be restored.

In this way, part of the body’s self-healing ability can be repaired and restored without losing its self-healing ability.

Although the meridians and Qi are still blocked and cannot flow smoothly at the moment, the heart and kidneys can achieve basic communication, and Qi and blood can be continuously produced, but at a slower pace.

This is a sub-health state in this stage.

Common therapies to activate self-healing ability

1. Qi is blocked and self-healing ability is stagnant.

The solution to this situation is: dredging meridians

It sounds simple, but the steps for dredging cannot be done at once, but must be dredged and adjusted in sequence according to the law of transmission of the six meridians.

The more important ones are the Taiyang Bladder Meridian, Yangming Stomach Meridian, Taiyin Spleen and Lung Meridian, and Jueyin Liver Meridian.

These main arteries are the meridians that directly affect the communication between the heart and kidneys.

It usually takes 15-45 days for qi to go through from abnormal to normal when people are sick.

Eighty percent of people can get through in 15 days by traditional Chinese therapies treatment.

Forty percent of people will experience certain uncomfortable symptoms in a short time. This peirod is also called a bottleneck period such as a period of opening a tunnel with resistance.

If you could persist in trusting the practitioner, strengthened your confidence, insisted on treatment, you could break through this bottleneck period.

Once you got through it in the later stage, you would slowly feel comfortable.

There are also some people who give up treatment because of uncomfortable symptoms or no obvious improvement in symptoms after treatment.

Is the treatment for this condition really ineffective? of course not.

Individual differences in the human body will cause the effects to be faster or slower.

As long as you follow the practitioner’s instructions, the effects will slowly come out after stopping herbal tea or treatment. And the body’s self-healing ability will gradually improve, so that the body’s symptoms and diseases will improve or even disappear.

Because the heart and kidneys have achieved basic communication, qi and blood can be continuously produced but at a slower pace.

No improvement can be felt in a short period of time, but the body’s self-healing ability has begun to recover.

The commonly used treatment methods for dredging are massage, scraping, moxibustion, acupuncture, cupping and other methods. Practitioners designate and use corresponding treatment methods according to the patient’s constitution and condition.

2. After dredging the meridians qi, it is also necessary to supplement.

When you feel all kinds of indescribable discomforts, all kinds of weakness, all kinds of malaise, however the blood test results show that various indicators are normal.

The machines in modern and principles for examining the human body are created based on physical signs and lesions, so what is examined is only biological standards. These examinations cannot detect the energy field of the human body.

In a sub-healthy state, the principle is to firstly dredge and secondly to supplement. Just like combing hair, it is constantly unclogged over and over again to achieve suppleness and controllability.

After the dredging and tonic effects are achieved, the body will become more and more comfortable, and there will no longer be lags and pains.

While dredging, replenish at the right time. However, dredging and supplement are contradictory under certain circumstances. Because supplementation can increase lag, it may lead to blockage. Therefore, it must be made up under smooth conditions without causing lag.

Therefore, the amount of supplementation is directly proportional to the degree of patency. This is a difficult technology that not only tests the comprehensive ability of the practitioners, but also depends on individual differences.

practitioners can formulate customized herbal prescriptions and herbal dietary methods based on individual differences and changes, to help provide timely and appropriate amounts of supplements, so as to cure the disease in one go.

Final words for self-healing

When certain unfavorable stimulation from the external environment causes illness, our body’s self-healing mechanisms automatically try to return it to a healthy, homeostatic state.

When qi and blood rich enough, the diseases or uncomfortable symptoms will be erased by the self-healing ability.

Healing is not the treatment accomplished by a physician/practitioner but is due to the self-healing within a human body.

Self-healing refers to the dynamic equilibrium within the body and extends into the realm of mental health.

Chinese traditional therapies are one of the methods which evokes an individual’s power of self-recovery.

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Suggestions for strengthen self-healing ability

According to sleeping quality, exercise methods, stress regulation ability, mindfulness practices and nutrition, etc. These habits and lifestyle will lead to a certain body institution for individuals, even they will lead to certain kind of potential health issues for individuals.

1. Pulse consultation will help find out the weakness and strength of the individual person. Also the imbalance reason will find out after pulse consultation. Then easy to draft out an adjustment plan for the individual needs in diet habit, exercise methods and nutrition direction.

2. Moxibustion / acu-points stimulation / acupuncture / tui na / cupping/ scraping will be considered by individual institution needs.

In more than two years my treatment practice, I found some diseases that cause my clients with different symptoms, such as asthma, allergy, poor appetite, migraines, depression, anxiety, amenorrhea, too few menstrual periods, too long menstrual periods, anemia, obesity, abdominal distension, low back pain, and back pain , shoulder pain, knee joint pain, buttock pain, fat nodules, insomnia, palpitations, etc.

Their various symptoms all point to the same cause, which is stagnated causing by insufficient Qi and blood, which causes very weak body’s self-healing ability.

Most of the clients have had acupuncture treatment experience. Some people report that the effect of acupuncture is obvious but not lasting, while others report that the effect is not obvious.

After being stuck with acupuncture for a long time, some people have a suffering mental feeling by acu-needles. The psychology of rejection is very negative in treatment and will affect the effectiveness of treatment.

The group of clients that reflects the effectiveness of acupuncture is those who have relatively sufficient Qi.

During the treatment, acupuncture stimulates and mobilizes their body’s self-healing ability, dredges stagnant meridians, normalizes Qi and blood circulation, thereby relieving symptoms or making discomfort symptoms disappeared. So there was an obvious therapeutic effect on their bodies.

Most of the people whose effects are not obvious are those who are naturally weak or have been sick for a long time. Their Qi and blood themself are insufficient.

Even if they were stimulated by acupuncture, there is not enough Qi and blood energy in the body to support the meridians or the internal organswhich need help.

And acupuncture itself will more or less cause the leakage of some Qi, thus reducing the Qi of these people.

When faced with these situations, different therapies such as moxibustion, acu-points stimulation are chose according to the client’s condition.

It is the first choice for those with weak Qi and blood. The infrared heat generated by moxibustion can continue to be retained in the meridians of the human body.

The infrared heat kept inside and move along the circulation of meridians, it plays the role of dredging stasis.

Once the stagnation is resolved, nutritional supplements can be reached to all internal organs and meridians. Then qi and blood are rich enough to operate the self-healing system completely.

Therefore, self-healing system will normally and regularly repair damaged cells, kill virus or baterials to achieve the effect of self-healing.


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