Summer diseases - moxibustion

Summer diseases including get a cold in summer, abdomen cramp after cold drink or exercises, loose stool, summer heat stroke and dehydration, ect.

There are many introduction such as summer foods, summer recipes, herbal patch, acupuncture, solstice Chinese medicine, etc.

In this article, it is focus on treating coldness remains in the body by 5 Summer Chinese healing methods.

They are moxibustion, scraping, cupping, diet and warm drink. All of those therapies are secure and fast, no side-effect. Also they are affortable for most of people. Very popular in folk.

Especially moxibustion therapy, it is popular therapy to treat most of diseases also it is a common method to expand life.

Summer diseases – get a cold in summer

External coldness

Poor qi and blood circulation is one of mainly manifestations coldness in the body.

1. Coldness on the skin

1)  When the coldness is staying on the skin, it is manifested as aversion of the cold and the body often shivering. Even wearing enough clothes or are in a heated room, the physical body still feels a burst of chill.


Summer diseases - common cold

2) Summer diseases – Headache often occurs

Because the head is the place where the yang energy is the most vigorous of the whole body. And coldness is opposite to the yang energy.

As we all know, in nature, cold air meets hot air to form wind, as well as cold energy and hot energy meet in the head of human body to form a wind which attacks the head, then headache occurs.

Summer diseases - Headache.

2. Summer diseases – the coldness stays in the muscles

1) Muscle stiffness, joint pain

When the cold stays in the muscles, all kinds of muscles of the body will become stiff as well as the joints will also be very painful.

If the coldness stayed in the muscles for a certain time, the qi and blood would turn into waste fluid, and if it accumulated for a long time, it would become unwanted fat. Many people fail to lose weight are due to this reason mostly.

2) Sudden cramps in one part of the body

There is no fixed time for cramp, sometimes it happens in the middle of the night, sometimes during the day, or when it is cold.

Because the coldness stays in the muscles causes the meridians and collaterals are not smooth, then qi and blood cannot flow normally. And the muscles will become stiff and unable to move.

Summer diseases - muscle cramp

Internal Cold

The coldness is progressive from the outside to the inside generally. If it was not eliminated in time when it was on the outside, it would enter the inside after then caused different diseases such as infertility, asthma, skin disease, rheumatic disease, and so on.

After the coldness attacks organs, it takes longer time to get rid of the cold to heal from diseases.

1) Summer diseases – prone to diarrhea

When the coldness is in the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach will be weak, and a little cold food will cause diarrhea.

2) Frequent menstrual pain / cold hernia

When the coldness is in the lower part of body. For women, it will stay at the position of the uterus.

The coldness hindners the normal flow of Qi and blood in the uterus, so that the uterus cannot be nourished by Qi and blood, and it is blocked when menstruation needs to be discharged from the body, then causing pain.

As well as men get cold hernia, it will be manifatied as impotence or testicular pain.

Summer diseases - menstruation cramp

3) Skin diseases

Excessive coldness will exhaust Yang Qi, leading to allergies and various skin diseases.

Summer diseases – expelling cold for body protection methods

1) Scraping therapy for summer diseases

When the cold has just invaded the body, skin scraping can dredge the Yang Qi in the whole body and resist the deep invasion of the cold.

Precautions for scraping:

Pregnant women are not suitable, children are not suitable, the skin is damaged, and it is not suitable to scrape the place where there is ulceration.

2) Moxibustion therapy in summer diseases

Sanfu moxibustion in summer is the most popular method to expel coldness from the body. Using moxibustion heat to drive out the coldness of the body.

Two conditions that only appear in summer make moxibustion the best means of expelling cold.

Firstly, in Summer, the yang energy is the most prosperous.

Secondly, human body has the most yang energy in Summer too, and then hair holes are totally opened.

Therefore moxibustion is using in Summer can force coldness out of body easily.

3) Diet therapy for summer diseases

Due to the temperature is high in Summer, the heat will cause the body uncomfortable. Staying cool and drinking cold are the modern diet habit.

Recommend one summer drink to benefits stomach/spleen and whole body.

Ginger Jujube Tea – Not suitable for diabetes

Materials: 6 slices of ginger, 8 jujubes, cut open, brown sugar

Method: all ingredients except brown sugar to cook in the pot whit 300ml cold water for 10 minutes, add brown sugar and cook for another 10 minutes.

Note: Do not drink too much at one time, eat ginger first, then red dates, and finally drink the tea soup.

Efficacy: Xin Wen dispels cold, invigorates the spleen and stomach. Drinking it in summer can replenish the body’s yang energy and help the body expel the cold.

4) Artemisia hot pack for summer diseases

Recipe: Appropriate amount of mugwort leaves, appropriate amount of natural sea salt

Production: Put Artemisia argyi leaves and salt together and put them in a cloth bag after heating. Or put the mugwort leaf and salt into a cloth bag and heat it in the microwave oven for 15-20 minutes.

Put the mugwort hot pack on the waist and kidney.

Time for hot compress: The temperature of the waist pack should be higher than body temperature, and the hot compress should be repeated 2-3 times, not too much.

Note: People with excessive heat in the body, such as obvious red face, sore throat, and hot air in the nasal cavity, are not suitable for hot compress.

5) Warm drink for summer diseases

Stay away from cold drink, freeze drink, try to get room temperature or warm drink. It is the only way to keep stomach and spleen function are in normal for digestion.

The stomach and spleen do not like cold. Because the coldness will cause bloating and difficult digest.

Warm drinking can improve symptoms such as cold hands and feet, cold pain in the stomach, and diarrhea due to cold.


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