Nodules and cystsNodules & cysts treatment

The underlying causes of nodule and cysts formation

Nodules and cysts would like to appear on these relevant channels and organs, such as lungs, spleen meridian, stomach channel, liver channel, gallbladder meridian, kidneys and the kidney meridian, bladder meridian, etc.

They can be formed in neck, such as thyroid nodules, in lungs such lung nodules, on face such as acne cysts, on body such as body cysts, in breast such as breast nodules, on legs or arms, vulvar, ect.

Nodules and cysts - thyroid nodule

Cold and stagnation are the key causes of nodules and cysts formed. They are mainly caused of phlegm and blood stasis.

Among my clinical experience in Nanaimo, there are more women with nodule problems than men.

Because women’s physiological constitution belongs to Yin, the flow of qi and blood in the whole body is slower than that of men.

Once qi flow of the whole body in women is also blocked , it is undoubtedly worse, phlegm and blood stasis will slowly formed under such conditions.

Women’s physiology also makes their emotions fluctuate greatly. This physiological characteristic can easily cause liver qi stagnation, which affects the smooth flow of qi in the whole body, forming qi stagnation. And ultimately leading to the stagnation of phlegm and blood stasis in the circulatory system, or excretory organs. Such as in the lungs, thyroid glands, and breasts.

After the formation of nodules and cysts, the conditioning steps are not limited to the local area. The formation environment of nodules and cysts must be completely destroyed to eliminate the possibility of malignant transformation from the root.

Obviously, simple resection cannot cure them. Blind one cut off surgery, even minimally invasive surgery, will damage normal tissues.

Surgery can not completely destroy the formation environment of nodules and cysts, and it is also difficult to eliminate tiny nodules smaller than 5mm, which is also the reason for recurrence several years after resection.

These nodules that slip through the net will continue to increase and spread in the original environment, which is also the reason for recurrence several years after resection.

Simple 3 steps blocking nodules and cysts from the root formed

Improve the internal environment to prevent the formation of nodules and cysts

Tow ways improve internal environment with diet structure changes and moxibustion therapy.

– Diet structure: taking warm food all the time, you are what you eat.

The cold environment in the body is mainly caused by diet. Long-term intake of raw and cold food causes internal organs to continuously consume more calories to warm up before they can work normally.

Human body’s temperature normally fluctuates between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius (97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit).

Within this temperature range, biochemical reactions can proceed normally.

When food or drink temperature is under the temperature range, the working hours of organs are extended.

Long-term overload workload overdraws the lifetime of organs in advance. Some of them have to go on strike in advance.

The slacking of some organs triggers a chain reaction. Other organs cannot get reinforcement and cannot complete their duties, causing a vicious cycle throughout the body.

The symptoms of discomfort increase from single to multiple, and finally the disease becomes incurable and no medicine can cure it, which eventually leads to the collapse of the whole body.

– Moxibustion can remove phlegm and dampness preventing nodules and cysts form

To activate blood circulation and remove phlegm and blood stasis, and soothe liver and regulate qi, the most effective way is moxibustion.

Nodules and cysts - moxibustion

The radiation energy generated by the burning of moxa sticks is equivalent to the radiation effect of near-infrared rays, and near-infrared rays have a strong penetrating power on the human body.

It can penetrate deeper into the human body and conduct heat energy to various parts of the body.

These heat energies help improve the functions of the corresponding internal organs through different meridian acupoints, thereby improving the working efficiency of all systems.

The internal environment has changed, the functions of the internal organs have been restored and enhanced, and the functions of their own circulatory system, biochemical system
and excretion system have returned to normal.

The blockages in the body to be unblocked, naturally it is impossible for nodules and cysts to appear again.

Lifestyle habits – enough and peaceful sleeping quality

Empty mind before bedtime will help to have fall asleep and sleep overnight.

Sleeping reduces the body’s energy consumption while replenishing energy to the brain, helping neurons recover.

During sleep, the brain can excrete metabolic waste through the lymphatic system, which can consolidate memory. Therefore, improving sleeping quality is very important.

In my clinical practice, people with insomnia or sleeping problems are more likely to fall asleep during moxibustion treatment and get deep sleeping quality in a short period of time.

Moreover, this quality is continuous and the result will last for a while later.

People with sleep disorders not only fail to maintain their brains in this way, but also affect their digestive and metabolic functions, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart disease, and stroke.

Lack of sleep makes people more likely to suffer from diabetes and obesity.

Humans are carbon-based organisms. We not only need to eat and breathe oxygen to keep our body systems functioning properly.

We also need to rest regularly to maintain our organs and prolong their lifespan as much as possible.

Intense exercise, exercise at inappropriate times, stimulating film and television entertainment, etc. They will affect our mood before going to bed, then affect the quality of sleep, thus reducing the normal internal organs maintenance effect brought by sleeping.

Regular maintenance – finding a suitable therapy to help you

Health is as the same as diseases, they both can get better or worse from small problems accumulate to be a serious issue without regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance by tui na massage, essence oil massage, gua sha, moxibusiton, acupuncture, or regular herbal food therapy, ect.

Different therapies are suitable for different physique or different body health condition.

We have some articles introducing the effectiveness of different therapies, and people who are suitable for them individual.

To find out a better one for you. It is better to talk with the practitioner before putting your body to have a try in person.

Summarizing the clinical cases in recent years, due to the geographical environment and climate of Nanaimo, local people’s diet habits, there are many people with qi and blood deficiency, cold and damp constitution, especially women.

Moxibustion therapy is more suitable for residents of Nanaimo and other towns on Vancouver Island.

When should do regular maintenance

When you feel just a little uncomfortable symptoms more than 2 weeks, you should go to visit a practitioner.

Moxibustion treatment is suitable all year round. Even if you don’t feel any discomfort, don’t miss the two best seasons of the year for moxibustion therapy.

The hottest 40 days in summer and the coldest 40 days in winter are the best time to maintain your health. Since improving immune is one of the moxibustion therapy benefits:

Moxibustion in summer can stop or alleviate diseases or symptoms that are prone to occur in autumn and winter. And moxibustion in winter can improve the body’s immunity and prevent being infected by epidemics in the spring of the following year.

After Covid-19, moxibustion in summer and winter should not be missed these two seasons.Because lung diseases easily onset in fall, winter, and spring.

We have set up big discounts specifically for Summer and Winter seasons, so that more people can benefit from moxibustion therapy, help them to improve the life quality.

In this year summer, from 15th July to 23 August, 2024.


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