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Rhinitis-pollenRhinitis causes by pollen

Causes of rhinitis

Two major elements causes rhinitis according to traditional Chinese therapies: lifestyle and diet habits.

For example, people who eat fast are prone to chronic rhinitis. Almost 99% of people with nasal congestion like to eat oranges.

It was found that eating too many oranges can easily cause chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and other nasal congestion-based rhinitis.

People who like to eat sour cabbage are also prone to rhinitis due to nasal congestion.

Foods such as lotus root and cauliflower can help with nasal congestion.

Therefore, the first step in treating rhinitis is to change the lifestyle and diet habits. Because the physical constitution is formed by what food we are in-taking day after day for the body.

Traditional Chinese therapies theory(also called Traditional Chinese Medicine theory) believes that people rely on the support of innate and acquired qi to grow and reproduce until these qi are exhausted, then the life ends.

Innate qi is from parents. From the beginning of the embryo, the innate qi given by the parents has been stored in the kidney, and the fetus can grow and be born.

After we were born out from the mother’s body. We have to get acquired qi from breathing and eating by our own.

To continue support the physical body development.

Children follow parents lifestyle and eating habits. It is very common that all family members will have same disease or symptoms. Or sometimes, the kids health condition were worse than the parents.

Rhinitis or other diseases originate from this.

From the below image, how many organs line up alone the nose?

Which viscera is the nose associated with:

1. There are spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder on the nose.

2. The bridge of the nose and Yin tang have heart, lungs.

3. Under the nose there is a bladder, uterus (male – genitals).

4. Kidneys on the chin and cheeks.

All of the organs are balancing each other. It is wrong to treat nose and lungs alone for rhinitis.

The root cause of the disease is not resolved. Even if surgery is performed, it will recur after a certain period of time.

major elements causes rhinitis.

People who easy get rhinitis, most of them have a common problem in those organs:

1.Most people with rhinitis have poor spleen and stomach functions,poor digestion and absorption.

2.Most people with rhinitis have poor liver qi circulation, easily irritated, easier depression.

3.Most people with rhinitis have poor reproductive and sexual function.

Male impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, etc.

Women have more uterine cold, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, and gynecological inflammation.

4.People with rhinitis have poorer cardiopulmonary function than healthy people. They are basically in a sub-healthy state of frail and sickly.

Therefore, rhinitis is not a simple disease, just due to nose or lung. It is a problem in the internal organs which is concentrated in one point (the nose).

The possibilities of Rhinitis to heal

The severity of different rhinitis determines the length of treatment.

Different physiques also determine the speed of recovery.

Patients with mild symptoms only need to understand their own physique, find out the reasons for the deterioration of their physique.

Actively change their original living habits and eating habits, then the body will be adjusted itself to a healthy state in a short period of time.

Longer and more severely ill patients require longer recovery times.

And with the help of external traditional Chinese therapies such as moxibustion, acupuncture.

Or tailored a therapy for an individual constitution by pulse diagnosis.

Providing herbal therapy or a dietary therapy of Five-element Tea or Five-element Bean Powder according to individual wish to take.

Combining with changing their own living habits and eating habits to speed up self-healing.

How did I treat my own allergic rhinitis?

I had a chronic allergic rhinitis due to my physique for more than 10 years.

It is getting worse after I live in Vancouver. I was afraid of getting out in the spring, summer and autumn.

However I had to stay outside longer since I was a full time housewife to baby sitting my son. He was a outdoor boy.

We had a long day outside. At that time, my family doctor prescribed me a year amount to keep me away from tearing and running nose due to the allergy on pollen.

I constantly took some herbal tea because I knew it was bad to reply on the anti-allergy spray for nose.

My situation was getting worse. From the beginning only allergy for pollen or dust, developed to sneeze often even for cold air, and the stuff nose, even nasal obstruction day and night later.

I couldn’t sleep well, bad mood, easily irritated, low appetite, depression, anxiety… Frustrated, then I decided to save myself.

I made a plan to go back to College to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I was kept well by my grandfather when I was little. He knew my digestion and absorption function are not well due to I got a weak spleen-I was born as that.

My grandfather gave a kind of tea for helping my spleen function in a every certain time.

Why that tea didn’t work for me anymore for that moment in Vancouver?

I had to accept the fact that I was getting much older and the tea wasn’t enough for my situation. My other organs was getting weaken with old age.

My chronic allergic rhinitis problem at that moment was not just due to the single organ spleen.

Other organs such as heart, liver, lung, kidney are unbalance too. I was not a little girl anymore, the method from my grandfather was not suitable for me anymore. I have to find a way to balance them one by one .

It’s not upset me by knowing my own organs’ situation. It helps me to realized that I should find a suitable way for prolong the lifetime of those organs.

How long time takes me to no more need the nasal spray?

I kept moxa on myself occationally because it is not so convenient for a full time housewife.

However, the allergy was getting less, and less nasal spray.

According to the traditional Chinese therapies experiences, moxibustion in the hottest 27 days of Summer will help improve the physique.

Some disease will cure by itself due to the physical body get a balance energy by moxa.

I moxa myself in a continue 5 days in the first week this summer. Since I also took five-elements tea and five-elements bean powder in the same time after I gave myself pulse diagnosis.

I was able to breath easy at night and had a very good sleep after 3 days moxibustion. Very excited because the result that I didn’t expect so fast. I was ready to get more longer time to see the result in the beginner.

In the later days of this summer, I kept moxa twice a week, continue intook five-elements tea and five-elements bean powder.

So far, I can breath easily day and night, and very less sneezing due to allergy, mood is much better and calm. Sleeping is well, appetite is good.

I still keep a certain maintenance for myself by occupationally moxibustion. Normal dosage on tea and bean powder.

If you have allergy nose problem, do not hesitate to Contact me or stop by my shop for a visit. I will help you improve your physique to cure your allergic rhinitis.

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