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Enlarged prostate glandMoxibustion for and enlarged prostate

Enlarged prostate gland treatment with 3 magical remedies is popular currently. There are more seniors in the current society, their lives qualities are suffering from enlarged prostate trouble.

Let’s dig more knowledge or information about the prostate and learn how enlarged prostate gland – this situation happens and its treatments.

Know about prostate gland

The prostate is a special organ in men. It gathers under the bladder and is shaped like an upside-down chestnut. The urethra runs through the middle of the prostate, like holding a straw (urethra) in the fist (prostate).

The normal prostate is very small, only about 20g and with aging, the prostate of most men will gradually increase (medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia).

This growth is just a physiological phenomenon. Because many benign prostatic hyperplasia itself does not cause any symptoms, whether it is diseased or not depends on pathological slides and other examinations to judge.

What causes an enlarged prostate gland forms

Enlarged prostate(Prostatic hypertrophy) is mostly related to damp heat, phlegm, turbidity and blood stasis blocking cohesion.

Weakness of the body, overwork, irregular sex, etc. often lead to kidney deficiency, unfavorable qi transformation, endogenous damp turbidity, stagnation of qi and blood in the meridians, stagnation of heat for a long time, or internal stains of damp toxins, resulting in accumulation of dampness and heat in the lower burner.

Yang energy of men will drop down gradually after 45 years old. So enlarged prostate is happened on the age from 50 to 100.

60% of men aged 60 have benign prostatic hyperplasia(enlarged prostate); men over 80 years old have an incidence rate as high as 88%, but less than half of them will have clinical symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Those people are either old or weak. They have a same physique with insufficient kidney qi, decline of vital energy, stasis of meridian, leading to bladder qi loss and so on.

These symptoms of enlarged prostate gland can be divided into three categories

1) The first category of an enlarged prostate gland is irritation symptoms

Mainly include urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinence;

2) The second category of an enlarged prostate gland is obstructive symptoms

Mainly include strenuous urination, thinning urine stream, interruption of urine stream, dribbling, etc.

3) The third category of an enlarged prostate gland is more serious

Current enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia is relatively serious, causing some related symptoms after complications, such as hematuria, urinary incontinence and so on.

Enlarged prostate is gradually aggravating, and the final symptom is hematuria.

The blood vessels on the surface of the proliferative prostate are congested, dilated and spontaneously ruptured.

Hematuria must be given enough attention, because it may hide some other urinary system diseases, must go for examinations, to rule out tumor diseases as soon as possible.

The enlarged prostate gland complication is acute urinary retention

– Symptoms of urinary tract obstruction, bulging stomach, pain when pressed;

– If urination in the bladder could not be able to urinate cleanly, and the urine will accumulate too much, then it will automatically flow out from the urethra;

– Sometimes enuresis occurs during deep sleep at night, forming urinary incontinence;

– It can also cause dilation of the ureter and hydronephrosis, which will affect the function of the kidneys;

– Renal insufficiency occurs in severe cases, leading to loss of appetite, anemia, elevated blood pressure, etc.;

– There will also be bladder stones, the urine will stop when urinating, and it will feel as if something is blocking the urethra.

Enlarged prostate is different understand and treatment between Western medical and Chinese traditional therapies. Find out more explanation  from  western culture medical.

Effective treatment for an enlarged prostate

Can enlarged prostate be cure? Yes, it is possible.

1. Adjustment of diet habits for aiming to replenish yang energy of kidney. Then dampness can be expel on time.

Know about your basic physique is very necessary and helpful for you to arrange the diet. Just drop in one more cup of tea shop. Pulse consultation will help you and give a guide for your daily life.

2. Follow natural rules for lifestyle. In winter, it is a season to maintenance kidney.

Avoid violent exercises. Winter is a season for creatures keeping yang energy inside to help maintenance kidneys.

1) Avoid to intake cold food or drink.

Because coldness is not just consuming yang energy. It is also drag down the function of the digestion and absorption systems. These two systems will directly cause less nutrition to refill to kidney essences. Lack of kidney essences is directly showing kidney yang energy lower.

Kidneys are two engines of the whole system operation regular in the physical body. They need to be refilled on time. food is the fuel for them.

2) Input external yang energy regularly to strengthen kidney yang.

Moxibustion is the best exterior yang energy to the physical body gets from. Once a week or 2 – 3 times a week are good to keep kidney yang refilled in time.

For weak people, 5-7 days a week of a treatment circle is a best. Keep doing 3 weeks treatments with moxibustion, the kidney energy will be stronger than before.

Learn about more benefits from moxibustion, please check out HERE.

3) Expel dampness in time because it is the key source causing diseases.

Dampness is a waste from the daily activities, they can be excreted by sweat, urination and stools.

Phlegm is a waste body fluid accumulation due to dampness stagnation. They block the regular traffic along the meridians, the traffic jam slows down nourishment transportation. This blockage also causes excessive heat accumulation.

And deficient heat or excess heat make the physical body feels uncomfortable. Symptoms of the physical body will be insomnia, irritable, fever, hot flash, bleeding, bloating, poor appetite, foul mouth,mental health, burning urination, sore throat, epistaxis, constipation, anxiety, etc.

Wu Xing tea is a good herbal tea to help dampness since it can be balance organs energy level.

More detail about the function of Wu Xing Tea, please check out HERE.

Enlarged prostate gland
wuxing tea for prostate

3. Diet therapy treatment for an enlarged prostate gland

1) Sugarcane 500g, peeled and squeezed for juice, drink or drink, twice a day.
It is not suitable for diabetes people.

2) 250g fresh grapes, peeled and cored, smashed and added with appropriate amount of warm water, drink, twice a day.

3) Stewed chicken with chestnuts, hippocampus, salt, ginger, steamed with appropriate amount of water, eaten in two days, nourishing qi and kidney.

Diet therapy is fast and effective for the beginning of enlarged prostate. It is also a secondary method for all stages of

Final words for treatments of enlarged prostate gland

You are the best doctor for yourself. After reading this article, you may find a solution for your own situation already.

No matter what types of treatments, if the treatments upon the premise is to follow the laws of nature, your individual physique, and help your organs function to return to normal. Then those treatments are correct methods for you.

Just remember, you can manage your body, you have the abilities to heal your own. Doctors or therapists are only consulters who have professional knowlege, they give you a direction to battle for your diseases.

You can damage your health by incorrect ways and made yourself sick. Then you have the power to correct yourself.

Learning to manage emotions is an important step to be healed. Because emotions is the terrible poison to make people sick.

If you needed a help, no hesitate to stop by the shop or text contact me.

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