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Peyronie’s disease definition

Also known as fibrotic cavernitis, penile nodules. It is the result of hardening of the fibers between the tunica albuginea and fascia of the cavernosa. It is more common in middle-aged people in their 40s to 60s.

Adverse effects

Penile induration can be felt on the back or the root of the penis as one or several cord-shaped or oval indurations, the texture is like cartilage, the small ones are the size of pea, and the big ones are like peanuts.

There are no symptoms of discomfort when the penis is flaccid, but there will be local swelling and pain during erection. A single peyronie’s plaque or nodule on the dorsal or posterior side of the penis.

Small indurations have little effect on erection, while larger indurations can hinder the erection of the penis and make the penis curved.

Coupled with mental factors such as worry and anxiety, it may affect sexual life in severe cases.

The disease can be mild, moderate, or severe, and symptoms can appear slowly or overnight.

Severe penile induration can cause sexual dysfunction, such as painful erections, weak erections, or impotence.

Induration generally does not damage the urethra, and there is no difficulty in urination. But there may be discomfort in the genitals: a feeling of falling, and pain and discomfort during urination.

Different syndromes

From the perspective of traditional Chinese therapies, its incidence is often directly related to the dysfunction of the spleen, liver and kidney.

Of course, there are also lifestyle factors. Especially evident is the influence of dietary factors.

Liver qi stagnation, improper diet, weak spleen and stomach, or exogenous cold-dampness will cause qi imbalance, spleen dysfunction, turbid phlegm endogenous, and spleen tendons will condense into phlegm core.

There are also patients with long term collaterals, blood stasis, phlegm and blood stasis.

Among them, this disease caused by phlegm-damp stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis are  common syndromes.


Peyronie’s disease causes(penile induration or peyronie plaque)

1. Emotional internal injury

Liver qi stagnation due to long-term depression, anger or sadness, over thinking, and liver blood deficiency.

The normal circulation and distribution of body fluid often depends on the control of  liver qi. If the liver qi was stagnant, the body fluids are easy to condense into phlegm.

When qi is stagnant and phlegm is condensed, it forms gangrene on the low part of physical body.

2. Exogenous cold and dampness

Evil-soaked muscles, wet and cold places, wading in the rain, or often sitting and lying in the wetlands.

The evils of cold and dampness impregnate the skin, and the evils of dampness impede the qi-transforming function of the spleen and stomach, the spleen cannot be transported and the dampness is generated from the endogenous, the body fluids stop gathering and become phlegm, and the phlegm condenses and stagnates and causes disease.

3. The spleen is weak

It lost to the evil of invigorating the spleen, which is responsible for transporting and dissolving dampness.

If the diet is not healthy for a long time, such as excessive drinking, unsuitable hunger and fullness, excessive eating of fat and sweet, raw and cold so that the spleen and stomach transport and transformation are neglected, or fatigue and internal injury, chronic illness, excessive thinking, etc., can lead to weakness of the spleen and stomach, loss of health.  Damp turbidity condenses into phlegm, phlegm stagnates qi machine, phlegm qi stroke knot develops as the disease.

4. Blockage

Blockage of blood stasis causes by different situation such as blockage of veins, traumatic blood stasis or qi stagnation for a long time.

Blockage of blood stasis also due to prolonged illness, poor circulation of qi and blood.

To sum up, qi stagnation and phlegm coagulation, phlegm and blood stasis are the basic pathological changes of the disease.

Peyronie’s treatment

The treatment of peyronie’s disease as following traditional Chinese therapies.

1. Moxibustion

When kidney qi is deficient, moisture accumulates in the body. Moxibustion can unclog the meridians that have accumulated moisture and replenish yang energy to the body.

Once the kidneys are strong enough again, the nodules are converted into moisture and promptly excreted.

2. Acupuncture

When the kidneys are strong enough, acupuncture can be very fast at helping regulating the body’s qi balance. Once the qi is balanced, the immune system will adjust back to the standard mode, mobilize the energy of the body to dissolve the nodules into moisture, and promptly pass the moisture through urine and defecation to excrete the body.

3. Herbs

1) Oral Herbs

Usually during the treatment period, oral herbs at the same time to speed up the functional recovery of the five internal organs, and speed up the improvement of the condition.

2) Topical Herbs

Use topical herbs at the same time to relieve pain or discomfort.

4. Psychological counseling for Peyronie’s disease

1) Help find the root causes of the disease.

2) Help relieving anxiety after illness and suggest ways to stay in a good mood.

3) Simple daily practices are recommended to release stress and bad emotions.

Dietary principles of peyronie’s disease

1. Appropriate supplementation of various vitamins, especially vitamin E.

– Rich in vitamin A, it plays an important role in maintaining the normal function and structure of epithelial tissues and promoting growth and development.

– Rich in vitamin C, it can improve immunity and help repair skin lesions.

– Spicy food are not conducive to the treatment of diseases.

– Greasy food can help dampness and heat generation which is not conducive to the treatment of diseases.

2. Alcohol is not conducive to the treatment of diseases.

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1.When to seek a help?

Seeking for a help as soon as possible after you notice signs or symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. Early treatment gives you the best chance to improve the condition — or prevent it from getting worse.

Especially you found that penile induration had been formed somewhere.

2. How long time will help to cure by those therapies?

The severity of the condition and the difference in constitution are all factors in the length of the healing time.

Penile tuberculosis early stage: acute stage, within one and a half years. Triad features, nodules, plaques, painful erections and penile deformation during erection.

At this stage, the sooner it is treated, the better the chance of recovery.

Late stage: chronic stage, after one and a half years. Features a triad of hard plaques on the penis, deformation of the penis during erection, and erectile dysfunction.

Since plaques is hard, it will take long time to treat.

3. How to cure peyronie’s disease without surgery?

Regular moxibustion therapy courses, changing eating habits and living habits, and maintaining mental health.

As long as you are determined to change, your body would become stronger as you adjusted.

Moxibustion helps qi and blood flow smoothly, promotes blood circulation and resolves phlegm, loosen stagnation, finally bend straight, and restore sexual function.

4. What happens if Peyronie’s is left untreated?

Most of the penile nodules are benign skin growths and generally do not deteriorate, but if there are penile nodules for a long time, it may lead to multiple penile nodules or penile tumors.

peyronie’s disease plaque

5. Can you-self cure Peyronie’s disease?

It’s possible that when your body’s yang energy is strong enough to get the blood circulating well there, your own healing system will slowly dissolve it.

Obviously, relying on your own self-healing abilities is impossible. Because the formation of nodules just appears after your physical condition deteriorates. Therefore, if you wanted to rely on your own self-healing system, you had to double the supplement of nutrition and energy.

To help you restore strong yang energy in a short period of time requires continuous supplementation of external energy into your body, combined with corresponding diet therapy, both internal and external, to quickly improve physical fitness in a short period of time.

This method can only be done by traditional Chinese therapy Moxibusiton which can help the body’s repair function to become stronger while avoiding the risk of sequelae of surgery.

6. What is the best way to treatment peyronies?

Surgery: Penile nodules can be treated by surgery to remove the nodules, but recurrence may occur after surgery, and regular urinary system examinations are required to understand whether the penile nodules continue to grow and become malignant.

Traditional Chinese therapies: Safe and effective and no side-effect, especially moxibsution therapy helps physical body get stronger,relapse prevention.

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