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The beginning of summer

The beginning of summer named Lixia is the 7th solar term of 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. At this time, the sun moves to 45 degrees ecliptic longitude.

The climate and natural phenomena during the Lixia solar term are divided into three stages.

During Lixia, the first five days are called the first period, the second five days are called the second period, and the third five days are called the three periods. Each solar term has three periods and lasts 15 days.

1st period – the first 5 days from May 5th – May 10th : mole crickets chirping.

We often hear the chirping of mole crickets, then that means summer is coming.

2nd period – the second 5 days from May 11th – May 15th : earthworms emerging.

Because the temperature gradually rises, earthworms begin to break out of the ground.

3rd period – the third 5 days from May16th – May 21st : a right time for trichosanthes cucumeroides growing.

It is a right time for trichosanthes cucumeroides grow and spread the most.

The beginning of summer solar term is on May 5, 2022 at 20:25:46 on the Gregorian calendar, end of day is on May 21 at 9:22:25am.

After May 5th the sunshine increases, the temperature gradually increases, and the thunderstorms increase. That is one of the universal rules to let all things in nature have entered a stage of vigorous growth, and human beings are no exception.

In Chinese Traditional Dao Culture, Summer is fire of Wu Xing(Five Elements), and the heart of the physical body is also belong to be fire.

Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of health and longevity, human beings should be going with the nature and seasons, to nourish the heart in summer.

How it works for the physical body function?

1. Summer is the season for the growth of yang qi – heart yang grows

– Heart governs blood vessels and heart yang drives blood running in vessels;
– Qi and blood run smoothly and metabolism accelerates the discharge of metabolic wastes.

2. Summer is the season for the growth of yang qi – heart yang grows

– The heart hides the spirit – the heart can capture the spirit;
– The heart and the spirit jointly focus on being pure and free of distracting thoughts, and the mind is peaceful.

Breaking the laws of nature will result in – Insufficiency of Heart Yang

1. Prematurely removing clothes in the day time or cover less when sleeping;
2. Eating cold food too or drink cold;
3. Using air conditioners too early,
4. Too much sweating and damaging the yang;
5. Staying up late, overworked, and stressed;
6. Abuse of drugs, resulting in a decrease in the overall yang qi and insufficient heart yang.

Any of the above damages yang qi and causes insufficient heart yang.

When the insufficiency of heart yang occurs, the driving force of the heart is weakened, then resulting in poor blood circulation.

It leads to fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dull complexion, slack in the heart and the mind cannot be captured.

Resulting in restlessness, insomnia, dreams, palpitations, difficulty falling asleep, unsteady sleep, easy to wake up, and cold hands and feet,etc.

Solution for insufficient heart yang

1. life style adjustment

I. Get enough sleep.

– Taking a nap, the heart meridian is in order at noon time. It is the key time to nourish the heart, therefore it is try your best to develop  the habit of taking a nap at noon.

II. Protect the heart yang.

– Dress warm enough for the body.

III. Abstain from impatience and control anger to nourish the mind and soothe the mind.

– After the beginning of summer, as the temperature rises, people will become irritable.

So, keeping the mind calm, keeping the spirit inside and stay safe.

IV. Slow and soothing exercise and less sweating.

– Do not swim in the cold water right away when the temperature is just arising up.

– Do not sweat excessively during exercise, and choose a more soothing exercise. At the same time hydrate for the body in a timely manner.

– Meditation 5-10 minutes every morning after woke up and before sleeping at night.

2. Daily diet

– Do not eat cold food or drink ice water.

– Have meals on time daily and do not eat too much or too late in the evening, dinner time is better around 4:30pm – 5:30pm. It is better not have food after 8:00pm at night.

Tips: Easy Receipt for calming heart and spirit:

Longan Porridge

Indegredients: 20-25 grams of longan, 100 grams of japonica rice/millet, a little brown sugar

Summer - Long gan Porridge
Summer – Long gan porridge


Put the Longan and japonica rice/millet into the pot at the same time, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it into porridge, and add some brown sugar.

Efficacy: calming mind and nourishing heart

Usage: suitable for all ages, once a day

Note: drink long gan porridge, avoid alcohol, heavy tea, coffee,etc.

Because tea will reduce the function, coffee will keep awake, both take positive and negative bad for the body, alcohol will bring more heat into the body.

Not suitable for people who with heat physique.

2. Moxibustion – The most effective Chinese traditional therapy for tonifying yang qi.

Moxibustion is the most powerful therapy to gain yang energy from the super herb named wormwood, also called mugwort.

Summer Moxibution
Summer Moxibution – fire dragon moxa

More information for the supper effect from moxibustion to relieve pain, distention, eliminate inflammation, etc, simply click MOXIBUSTION for more read.

Final words: Imbalances in the physical body can lead to mental health problems. Diseases are formed by the accumulation of small details every day. You are the best doctor, and a healthy body requires daily care. The greatest love you can give your loved ones is to have a healthy body and spirit.

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