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san fu moxibustionsan fu moxibustion

Sanfu moxibustion overview

Sanfu moxibustion is the traditional Chinese health preservation therapy in the summer.

Filling with yang qi is like refilling an oil lamp regularly to ensure that the oil lamp is always on. The human body is like an oil lamp, and it also needs regular replenishment of energy.

Summer is the time for everything grows, and it is also the best time to nourish yang qi for man.

The most effective therapy for health and healing is sanfu moxibustion. Divide the entire summer into three phases which are called sanfu.

The first period is July 16th – July 25th, the second  period is July 26th- Aug. 14th, the last period is Aug. 15- Aug. 24.

Sanfu moxibustion benefits
sanfu moxibustion benefits

Sanfu moxibustion role

1. Sanfu moxibustion prevention before getting sick

The yang qi is most prosperous during the sanfu period. During these time, the earth fire – sanfu moxibustion is used to attract the yang qi from the universe, combines with the yang qi entering the earth to supple the yang qi of people.

It can strengthen the body’s righteousness, improve the immune system, and prevent to away from illness, or relieve or even cure existing diseases.

2. Sanfu Moxibustion Can Help Curing Winter Diseases During Summer

Suitable for the crowd:

1. Sanfu moxibustion is especially for people with chronic diseases and sub-healthy people.

2. Sanfu moxibustion is also for people who easily get sick in winter or some illnesses onset in winter.

Respiratory system: chronic cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, recurrent colds, allergic rhinitis, recurrent colds, chronic sinusitis, chronic pharyngitis.

– Digestive system: chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, indigestion, etc.

– Pain categories: joint pain and limb numbness, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, ect.

– Chronic skin diseases: hives, frostbite, eczema, etc.

– Gynecology: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, dysmenorrhea, recent diarrhea, infertility, etc.

Sanfu moxibuston is increasing the positive energy in the body,then we can be strong enough to against the illness and cold in the winter.

This principle of health preservation is like a plant that grows fully in summer, then they can be harvested more fruits and store more energy in autumn, so that in winter they can be spent calmly.

Difference between sanfu moxibustion and sanfu patch

1). Sanfu moxibustion is a burn moxa stick above the acupoints to let the moxa heat slowly get absorb by the body. It is controllable for time and the level of the moxa heat. Usually a treatment time is about 30 – 60 minutes. Fire dragon moxibustion is about 2 hours.

2). Sanfu patch is made by some herbs, it usually stick on the certain acupoints or painful area for a day. One patch is usually can last for 8 hours. It is convenient for people who has no time to stay for a treatment or they need to have some heat keeping in the painful area for fast healing.

3 miracle benefits from sanfu moxibustion in summer

1). It can move qi and replenish yang qi into the body,drives away the damp cold. Then the achy and swollen can be relieved.

2). It can proven to away from sickness onset in the winter.

3). It can keep prolong life.

Daily protection during sanfu periods

1. Rest rules: 22:00-6:00

2. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention: Minimize high temperature work and a lot of exercise, and replenish water and salt in time.

3. Pay attention to moisture-proof: the room is ventilated and moisture-proof, avoid rain, and avoid taking a shower immediately after sweating.

How to get a sanfu moxibustion therapy in Nanaimo

You can Book an Appointment today to get your health back early. If you want more information about your current situation, dont hestated, just drop in the shop, the operation time is 9:30am-6:00pm from Monday to Friday. Weekend is on appointment.

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