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dry and chapped heeldry and chapped heel

Dry and chapped heel turn to smooth and beautiful, the methods are simple,effective and stable.

Dry and chapped heel is not only peeling even bleeding but also cutting socks. Usually, you have to be careful when walking, since you worry using too much force that cause the heels burst.

Spending money and take your time in the beauty salon/spa for just for exfoliating dead skin, put on foot mask or plastic wrap and so on.

It could be frustrated since the effect did not last for a few days. And then it was beaten back to its original shape.

Because all of these maintenance methods are only solve the surface looking by moisturizing but the inside problems are still there.

Three simple and effective ways solve those problems both symptoms and root causes by internal nourishing kidney, then external softening heels and moisturizing skin.

Combination with food diet adjustment according to the individual physique. The result of smooth and beautiful heel skin can be seen in a short time. Dry and chapped heel won’t bounce back. No more wraping your heel with cream over night.

For Internal problems, moxibustion on the certain acupoints to nourish inside organs.

Because there is something wrong in the inside organs, it will definitely manifest on the surface of the physical body.

The heels are within the path traveled by the kidney meridian. Therefore, the problems that occur in the heels, such as dryness, chapped heels, pain or itching in the heels. They reflect the problem of insufficient kidney yang qi.

It’s said in ancient Chinese medical books – to boost yang yang qi, moxibustion is the first therapy. Boosting yang yang qi is the foundation of strengthening the kidney.

1.Dry and chapped heel soften by external foot bath  – Wormwood and Safflower Foot Bath Package

Wormwood contains volatile aromatic oil, which has the effect of regulating qi and blood, warming meridians, and relieving cold pain. After burning, it can inhibit and kill a variety of viruses and bacteria, and has a certain preventive effect on respiratory diseases. The anti-epidemic method of smoking wormwood leaves is very common in China because it is simple and effective.

Safflower has the effect of promoting blood circulation, dispelling blood stasis and relieving pain.

feet bath dry heel
feet bath dry heel

In this combination, the two herbs are used to warm the kidney and liver channels from the feet.

The energy of the Liver and Kidney Meridians can flow smoothly throughout the body and promote the excretion of waste and toxins from the body.

In the meanwhile, Moxibusiton enhances kidney yang, draws blood to descend, nourishes the heels, then the dryness of heels are improved.

2. Dry and chapped heel root causes by kidney qi insufficiency – nourishing with moxibustion

Moxibustion uses the heat energy generated by the burning of mugwort leaves to penetrate the body surface to reach the depth of meridians, stimulate the activities of meridians, and adjust the physiological and biochemical functions of the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention or treatment.

The two external and internal combination methods are to activate and strengthen the functions of the liver and kidney. So that they can help activate and strengthen the functions of other organs such as heart, spleen, and lung. So as to achieve the purpose of yin and yang balance in the whole body. In the end, the blood of the whole body is smoothed, and the problem of the heel is completely solved.

3. Moisturizing the heel skin

Moisturizing the heel skin on time after each foot bath. An mild moisturize lotion can keep the skin nourish and moisture. But no lotion on the bleeding chapped area. After cleaning the heel and removing the hard skin, a gentle wrap the bleeding heel over night will help the new skin grow faster.

Make an Appointment to solve your heel problem sooner if you can not do it by yourself.

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